Who are we?

TN-Tech is an information technology service provider based in Novi Sad, Serbia. Established by industry professionals who joined forces to continue providing competitive high quality outsourced solutions. Our clientele include large multinationals with mission critical and highly available services as well as startups.

Our team combines years of experience managing and developing solutions in multi-disciplines from banking, security, e-commerce, education, online advertising, location based services and industrial applications. Our team has delivered standalone, embedded, web based (including cloud) and mobile applications.

Our services

Outsourcing Services

For both long and short term outsourcing services we offer:

Consulting services

  • Targets the project initiation phase and covers project identification, definition and alignment with all stakeholder.

Project management services

  • - Project kick off phase based on PMP methodology resulting in the overall project plan and its sub-plans
  • - Implementation phase: (scope, budget and timelines management)

System engineering

  • - Overall system architecture
  • - Platforms selection and integration
  • - Proof of concepts and demos

Development services

Mobile app development
  • - Mobile applications UI design
  • - Mobile application implementation: iOS, Android
Web development
  • - Web assets UI design
  • - Web assets development
Real-time system design and implementation
Big data design and implementation

We speak ...

Mobile application

  • We speak Apple
  • We speak Android
  • We speak Xamarin

Web application

  • We speak Angular
  • We speak Java
  • We speak Spring
  • We speak Tomcat

Real Time Systems

  • We speak C++

Big Data

  • We speak Hadoop
  • We speak Python


  • We speak Amazon web services
  • S3, Lambda
    EMR, EC2, AMI
  • EBS
  • GAE, GCE, BigQueryCloud Functions
  • We speak Google Cloud Platform
  • DataFlow, DataStore, ML Engine

Dev. Tools

  • We speak Docker
  • We speak Jenkins
  • We speak Ansible
  • We speak Atlassian


  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Python, TensorFlow, nympy, keras, pandas, OpenCV


  • We speak Bash
  • Linux, Windows

Human Languages

  • English, Arabic, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
    Can support French

Why TN-Tech?

  • Personalized experience

    Our clients have access to the full development team to approve deliveries, discuss challenges and reach consensus

  • Team knowledge and expertise

    Our senior experts have delivered numerous projects in their area of expertise
    Our junior experts are highly skilled, motivated, goal driven and pro-active

  • Tool empowered transparency and reporting

    Using Atlassian development management platform we allow our clients full access to all tools to ensure a 100% transparency throughout the process of delivery

  • Competitive price vs. quality

    In comparison to Western and Eastern Europe, our experts are 90% as knowledgably at a 40% discount rates

  • Flexible and scalable depending on client requirements

    Our unorthodox approach of mixing full and part time experts allows us to scale projects (budget and timeline wise) to meet the client’s requirements

  • Customized solutions

Case studies

Business Dynamics, KSA

Business Dynamics, KSA

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Business Dynamics, KSA

Business Dynamics is a startup technology solutions provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Business Dynamics approached TN-TECH with a concept idea for a bus ride platform targeting private schools in the Kingdom to streamline their bus services. The platform core value is to automate students pickup/drop off registration and management, automate bus routes generation, provide real-time notifications for all stakeholders.

The concept idea for the platform consisted of four slides. TN-TECH provided its full spectrum of services (consulting, project management, systems engineering, design and development). Using Amazon web services we provided scalable, fault-tolerant infrastructure to support the following application that we developed:

  • a school management web portal (using Jhipster),
  • a mobile Parent application (iOS and Android)
  • an Android tablets bus driver application.

Furthermore, TN-TECH employed skilled mathematician to design and implement a proprietary routing algorithm using AWS Lambda and Google Map Services.

Bus Ride Driver app
Bus Ride Management Portal
Bus Ride Parent app
GlobeX Data, Switzerland

GlobeX Data, Switzerland

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GlobeX Data, Switzerland

GlobeX data is a leader in secure communication and data storage solutions for corporates. To further extend its reach, GlobeX Data needed to develop mobile applications to leverage its secure platform online services.

TN-TECH's team is responsible for the development process of the iOS and Android versions of both PrivaTalk and DigitalSafe applications. TN-Tech took both applications from concept to publication on both leading application stores. Both applications use proprietary encryption technologies that are solely compatible with an expensive server licensing agreement. TN-TECH assisted GlobeX Data with integration to their custom server solution, saving our client exuberant server licensing fees.

  • DigialSafe
  • Download on the App Store
  • Get it on Google play
  • PrivaTalk
  • Download on the App Store
  • Get it on Google play


Our team

Toplica Tanasković

Toplica Tanasković

IT Consultant / Managing Partner

Toplica has over 15 years of IT solutions development experience for multi-national entities within the Balkans and beyond.

Rami Nabulsi

Rami Nabulsi

IT Consultant / Managing Partner

Rami has over 12 years experience in IT/ General Consulting/ Project management for multi-nationals in MENA and beyond.

Interdisciplinary Research Consultants


Our Partners

The interdisciplinary research consultants (id:rc) is an international consulting firm with 14 years of experience and offerings extending from the MENA region to Africa, Central Asia and all the way to China.

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